Dr. Neil Hammerschlag

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, Ph.D.

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag is a marine ecologist and shark researcher based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. He is also the owner and president of Atlantic Shark Expeditions, a new organization dedicated to providing unparalleled opportunities for the public to safely experience, discover, and help protect the wonders of sharks through ecotourism and citizen science. 

Neil’s research centers on the behavioral ecology of the ocean’s top predators under global change. He has published over 140 scientific articles and has projects currently underway in Nova Scotia, Florida, Bahamas, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands.

In addition to his scientific research, Neil is dedicated is well known for his innovative community outreach and dedication to fostering STEM education in youth, especially kids from minoritized and disadvantaged groups. For example, Neil is a faculty with the Black Girls Dive Foundation, where he provides students with unique hands-on training in marine biology and exciting educational field experiences.

Neil’s research has been publicized widely in the media, including features on Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NBC’s Today Show, CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, NPR, LA Times, New York Post, and Forbest – to name a few. He has assisted in the development of several shark specials for BBC, National Geographic Shark Fest, and Discovery Shark Week. His passion for teaching and communicating science has led him to speak at conferences and events around the world, including TEDx.

Neil received a B.S. in Ecology from the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2002, and his M.S. in Marine Biology from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, in 2004. He completed his Ph.D. in Marine Biology & Fisheries from the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami in 2009. Before establishing Atlantic Shark Expeditions, he was a Research Professor at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School as well as the founder and former Director of the University of Miami’s Shark Research and Conservation Program.

Neil loves hockey and is a die-hard Pearl Jam fan and has seen the band in concert over 40+ times and counting. His favorite color is bright orange.

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